Going out to eat is one of America’s favorite past times. It’s a chance to can catch up with family
and enjoy the company of friends. It’s a chance to taste some eclectic food and unwind after a
long work week. Unfortunately, dining out also has risks and sometimes it can even be deadly.
Restaurant owners have a responsibility to ensure that their restaurants are safe and that their
customers are taken care of. They must warn people of hidden dangers and ensure that meal
preparation is done safely and within accordance with health and safety inspection regulations.
If a restaurant owner is negligent, then they can be held accountable for the injuries their
negligence has caused.

When Restaurant Owners are Negligent
There are numerous ways a restaurant owner can be negligent. When this occurs, serious and
often life-threatening injuries can occur. How are restaurant owners negligent?
● Failure to label ingredients properly for people with known allergies
● Cross contamination of food allergens
● Failure to provide a safe parking lot
● Failure to ensure safe passageway from the eating area to the restroom
● Defective bar stools or tables
● Inadequate lighting
● Negligent security
● Not mopping up wet or slippery floors properly
● Failure to ensure safe food preparation resulting in severe food poisoning
● Failure to ensure safe food storage
● Assault by an employee

When is a Restaurant Owner Responsible?
A restaurant owner is not responsible for every injury that occurs on their property, only the
ones that were caused by a foreseen event. Another words, the restaurant owner must have
known of the dangers and not taken appropriate action. If the owner failed to place floor mats at
doors, failed to repair broken handrails or chairs, or failed to follow basic food preparation safety
guidelines, then they can be found responsible.
Injured while Dining Out?

When is a Restaurant Owner Not Responsible?
While the restaurant owner has a responsibility to provide the highest level of care to their
invitees or customers, they are not always responsible when an injury occurs. If another patron
injures you, or if the court determines that your actions led to your injuries, then the restaurant
owner may not be found liable. For example: if you ignored wet floor warning signs or if you
were drunk and fell down in the parking lot, the restaurant owner may not be held accountable.
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