1. Deadliest Driving Days Are Ahead

    Deadliest Driving Days Are Ahead Most drivers are aware that the more traffic on the roads, the higher the chances of being involved in a traffic accident. During rush hour traffic, in the morning and evening as people hurry to and from work, the risk of having a car collision naturally goes up. In the same vein, when the weather is bad whether there is snow, excessive wind, or rain and fog, a dri…Read More

  2. Rainy Season and Slip and Fall Accidents

    Rainy Season and Slip and Fall Accidents  Slip and fall accidents are responsible for more than eight million hospital emergency room visits, and a significant number of those occur during the rainy season when surfaces are wet and slick. This type of accident with injury represents the primary cause of missed work days, is the leading cause of workers’ comp claims, and is even one of the prima…Read More

  3. Let’s Get All Your Lost Wages After Your Kentucky Car Accident.

    After your Kentucky car accident injury it is important to document your lost wage claim. This can be a simple but important step. Begin gathering your W-2's and tax returns for the last five or so years. This will help prove what your average or typical earnings were before you were hurt in the automobile accident. If you are self-employed, document all work you have lost (contracts, jobs, custom…Read More

  4. Kevin Sciantarelli is Available to Co-counsel Indiana Personal Injury Claims.

    Are you an experienced personal injury attorney or a general practitioner in Kentucky or another nearby state with a client injured in Indiana? I have handled Indiana injury litigation for many years and know how to tailor a case to the subtle details of Indiana law. Indiana law often differs from neighboring states in key areas. I am always happy to discuss your case. (502) 893-4558 (office) (…Read More

  5. Kevin Sciantarelli’s Kentucky Supreme Court Railroad Crossing Case.

    A few years ago I took a railroad crossing case to the Kentucky Supreme Court. Calhoun v. CSX Transportation, 331 S.W.3d 236 (Ky. 2011) I get calls from other lawyers every once in a while asking for advice on handling these very complex cases. If you are a Kentucky attorney handling a railroad crossing case, you should probably read this opinion- especially if your claim involves vegetation at th…Read More

  6. Preserve the Evidence in Your Louisville Car Accident Case.

    The Louisville,Kentucky police are very busy these days. There is widespread road construction throughout Jefferson County and traffic delays and detours abound. The police simply do not have the resources to thoroughly investigate and document many Louisville and surrounding area traffic collisions. If you are involved in a Louisville car accident you must be proactive in preserving evidence. Tak…Read More

  7. Did You Know You Can Purchase Additional Kentucky No-Fault Benefits?

    In Kentucky car accident victims are entitled by law to the first $10,000 of their medical treatment and other losses under Kentucky's "No Fault" automobile accident laws. However, you also have the option when you buy your car accident insurance policy to purchase additional PIP benefits in increments of $10,000. It is relatively affordable additional protection. If you have any question regardin…Read More

  8. Sciantarelli Law Firm Litigates Slip/Trip and Fall Cases.

    Last week I settled a contentious slip and fall case at mediation.   The premises owner's insurer had denied fault entirely from the outset.  After fighting them in court and with a trial date facing them in a few months- they settled at mediation for a reasonable amount.  These cases can be won if the Plaintiff and his/her lawyer fight and set the case for trial.…Read More

  9. Steps to Take After a Kentucky Hit and Run Accident.

    Steps to Take after a Kentucky Hit and Run Accident  Being involved in a hit and run accident can be a terrifying ordeal. When the other driver leaves the scene of the accident, it is natural to have many questions running through your mind – such as: How will I pay medical expenses now? Who will pay for the damages? What if the responsible driver is never found? An experienced hit and run acci…Read More