A Few Examples of Actual Results Achieved by Kevin Sciantarelli for his Clients:

  • Confidential settlement reached at mediation in complex medical malpractice case against hospital and physicians.
  • $75,000 awarded for pedestrian struck in parking lot.
  • $650,000 obtained for parents of their adult child killed in Arizona crash involving semi tractor trailer. The child was killed when the truck she occupied caught fire. Under Arizona law, the parents were limited to compensation their grief only (and not loss of earning capacity as many states allow). In this complicated case, Mr. Sciantarelli personally traveled to the Arizona desert to investigate the incident. With the assistance of local co-counsel, Mr. Sciantarelli sued the trucking company for the negligent operation of the truck and the manufacturer of the truck for crashworthiness and defective product claims in Arizona. At issue was fault for the accident and whether the driver of the truck was actually employed at the time by the trucking company. The manufacturer of the truck denied its truck was defective. Mr. Sciantarelli conducted a “focus group” of citizens in the southwest United States near the accident site to gauge what this tragic case was worth before a jury in that area. After discovery, settlement was reached for the grieving parents at mediation in Arizona in excess of the amounts recommended by the focus group. Prior to litigation, all defendants had denied all responsibility and offered zero to these parents.
  • $180,000 settlement for driver struck by semi-tractor-trailer. Client suffered neck injury from impact.  A lawsuit was filed against the trucking company.  The case settled without going to trial.
  • Prominent Kentucky attorney was injured in car accident injuring her shoulder. Attorney is a prominent insurance company lawyer who is regularly hired to defend the insurance companies in personal
    injury cases. From her prior dealings with Kevin Sciantarelli, she knew who to call when she was herself the victim of a negligent driver. Mr. Sciantarelli took her case and secured a settlement of $120,000 for her.
  • Confidential settlement reached with Indiana Department of Transportation over death of motorcyclist killed at negligently-designed Indiana highway intersection. The intersection was designed with a “blind spot” preventing oncoming cars from seeing intersecting vehicles. Mr. Sciantarelli investigated this tragic case himself, retained an expert in highway design, and after extensive discovery was able to settle the matter at mediation.
  • Young child fell from playground swing-set landing on wooden barrier cutting her lip. After her injury healed, a scar remained which caused her to be teased and made fun of at school. Mr. Sciantarelli sued the playground owner and the builder of the swing-set. A confidential settlement was reached which compensated the minor child for her pain and emotional distress and also paid for her to undergo a scar revision surgery that permanently removed the scar. The child was able to enjoy school again and went on to graduate and join the armed forces.
  • $65,000 for client injured when T-boned by a negligent firefighter. The fire department, as a municipal or governmental entity, took refuge under a Kentucky state law granting sovereign immunity to fire departments. Mr. Sciantarelli challenged this in Court and convinced the presiding judge to rule this law unconstitutional. After that ruling, the fire department settled at mediation.
  • Confidential wrongful death settlement reached for the estate of minor bicyclist killed at intersection. At issue was who had the green light at the intersection.
  • Confidential settlement reached for woman injured at a county fair on a carnival ride negligently operated by the carnival operator.
  • Confidential settlement reached for famous musician injured at defective railroad crossing. After the injury, the musician lost earnings from being unable to perform in Las Vegas or compose music.
  • $125,000 settlement reached for motorcyclist struck at intersection.  Claims against the insurance company of the driver of the at-fault vehicle and client’s underinsured motorist insurer were settled without a lawsuit being filed.
  • $100,000 settlement obtained for client in a premises liability case.  A lawsuit was filed against property owners that had a dangerous retaining wall present on their property.  A settlement was reached without a trial.
  • Confidential Settlement reached with restaurant after serving a fried mushroom with a metal bolt inside of it. Client injured tooth and was compensated for necessary dental work and pain and suffering.
  • Confidential settlement reached for driver and passenger injured in collision with highway construction company’s paving machine. At issue was whether the highway had been closed off to travel by the county government or not.
  • $75,000 settlement reached for pedestrian struck at intersection.
  • $225,000 settlement for passenger injured in motor vehicle crash;
  • $35,000 settlement obtained in slip/fall case against a restaurant;
  • $135,000 settlement obtained in rear-end motor vehicle collision resulting in knee injury;

Every claim and case is different and the value of your case depends upon a number of factors. While the above examples are actual results I obtained for clients, they do not represent what I may obtain for your particular case.  -Kevin Sciantarelli