Car Accident Property Damage

Many clients tell us that one of their primary concerns after being in a car accident is the condition of their vehicle. Has it been totalled? Can it be fixed? And will the insurance company pay for the repairs? All too often the insurance companies try to pay too little for the necessary repairs and you end up paying a hefty bill for an accident that may not have even been your fault. But the damage may not end there.

The Sciantarelli Law Firm specializes in personal injuries, and while we don't handle property damage cases we can refer you to excellent lawyers who do. While your vehicle may be at the forefront of your mind after an accident, don't forget to take care of yourself, too. We see too many cases where people are concerned about their cars and forget to monitor their own health after an auto accident. While injuries to your vehicle are immediately obvious, the injuries to your body may take days or even weeks to manifest.

Even if you think you are physically okay after an accident, the smart thing to do is contact a personal injury attorney like Kevin Sciantarelli. He will make sure you have the proper documentation so that if injuries manifest long after the accident, you have the evidence you need to get a proper settlement from the insurance company.

If you've been in an auto accident, give us a call or contact us through this website. We offer a free consultation so you know if you have a case, and then Mr. Sciantarelli will get to work preparing your case to get you the maximum financial compensation. Get started today.