Personal Injury Protection Benefits

A benefit that applies to states with “no fault” insurance which is established in Kentucky along with a dozen other states, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), gives you the benefit of your insurance company compensating you for a portion of your lost income and medical bills if you were in an accident, no matter whose fault the accident was.

We have been practicing personal injury law in both Indiana and Kentucky for over 17 years, and we understand what you can get from having or not having PIP benefits. We are able to tailor our approach to your claim, your accident and the laws in your state so that we can fight to get you the most from your benefits.

Because we are results-driven, tireless fighters, we have the experience, dedication and the knowledge to fight against large corporate law firms, insurance companies and businesses. If your No-Fault or PIP benefits are denied or delayed we will sue the insurance company.

This is just another way we serve you, so contact us today and get the personal injury representation you need.