The  Dangers of Speeding

 Most drivers know that it is extremely unsafe to drink and drive. Yet, what about speeding?

When it comes to speeding, traveling even 5 mph over the speed limit in urban areas can virtually double the crash risk. Why? The faster you go – the longer it takes to stop. This means that reacting quickly to a pedestrian or to traffic changes is significantly more difficult when speeding.

The data showed that younger drivers, particularly younger men, were at a higher risk for speeding on a regular basis than other drivers. Speed-related fatality statistics show this as well – as more young male drivers are victims of deadly speed-related crashes. In addition, statistics showed that people who committed two or more high-range speeding offenses were more likely to have committed other egregious driving offenses.

In our decades of litigating car accident cases we have found speed to be a factor in many severe crashes. Proof of excessive speed can be presented through expert reconstructionists, eye witnesses, black box data recorders and by many other methods.

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