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Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet Could be a Matter of Life or Death.

Posted by Kevin Sciantarelli | Apr 13, 2017 | 0 Comments

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet Could be a Matter of Life or Death

Motorcyclists are 27x more likely to die in an accident than those in passenger vehicles. They are also 6x more likely to be seriously injured. Sadly, a large majority of those injuries were traumatic brain injuries. Even worse 34% of the traumatic brain injuries were severe and life-threatening.

One of the key ways to avoid traumatic brain injuries is wear an approved motorcycle helmet. Statistics show that motorcycle helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 60% and reduce the risk of death by 37%. In addition, motorcycle helmets saved more than $2.8 billion in economic costs to injured riders.

Yet, not just any helmet will protect you in a serious and catastrophic motorcycle accident. Your motorcycle helmet must meet the DOT Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. If it is DOT approved, it will have the DOT symbol on the outside back of the helmet. Certified helmets will also have a permanent label on the inside of the helmets.

So what determines if a motorcycle helmet is DOT approved? Helmets which meet the DOT standards usually weigh about 3 pounds and have a very thick polystyrene foam lining for added protection. A face shield is not mandatory and required as part of the DOT standards but highly recommended by safety experts to protect the rider from wind, rain, and dirt debris while riding.

When purchasing a DOT approved helmet, it is important to make sure that the helmet is the appropriate size for your head. A motorcycle helmet should fit snuggly but not too tight. If it is too tight you will end up with a headache while riding. Contrary, if it is too loose, it will not provide adequate protection in a crash. It is always wise to try on a helmet for at least 10 minutes in a store before purchasing it. As such, never buy a helmet online that you haven't tried on before. Lastly, never use a half helmet. These helmets are often made with thin liners that won't provide enough protection in the event of a serious crash.

Kentucky Motorcycle Helmet Laws

The state of Kentucky does not require all motorcycle riders to wear approved motorcycle helmets while riding. According to Kentucky motorcycle law, “A person may operate without a helmet if he or she is over 21 and has held a motorcycle license for one year or more. Passengers must be 21 or over to ride without a helmet. Persons under 21, or those who have held their licenses for less than one year, must wear protective headgear.” Even though the state of Kentucky does not have a universal helmet law, safety experts urge all motorcyclists to wear a helmet while riding. Doing so could save your life.

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